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YLR442C / SIR3

Section 1: Phenotypes.
Gene-drug relationships for YLR442C
(Hillenmeyer et al., Science 2008)

The top 10 experiments that caused a fitness defect in the YLR442C deletion mutants. On the left is a table listing the top 10 conditions inducing sensitivity; on the right is a visualization of those conditions. Edges may appear more than once if the condition was tested multiple times.

We generally recommend using a significance cutoff of p-value < 0.01. For the "phenotype for all genes" analysis, we used p-value < 1e-5 to control for multiple hypothesis testing. For details, see
The Chemical Genomic Portrait of Yeast.

Heterozygous knockout:

Top 10 sensitivity-inducing conditions for SIR3 Heterozygous deletion:

Condition1 Conc Unit z_result_nm z_tdist_pval_nm
5-fluorocytosine 15.6 uM 3.62445 0.00035476
5-fluorocytosine 15.6 uM 3.09322 0.0016641
clotrimazole 1 uM 3.02429 0.0020151
fluconazole 65.3 uM 2.83484 0.0033694
estradiol acetate 500 uM 2.62562 0.0058178
fluconazole 130.6 uM 2.27704 0.013689
fenpropimorph 4.7 uM 2.07944 0.021529
methotrexate 500 uM 2.05381 0.02412
amphotericin b 0.31 uM 1.96559 0.027635
phenoxybenzamine hydrochloride 500 uM 1.92267 0.030296

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Homozygous knockout:

[No Homozygous results.]

Section 2: Co-fitness interactions.
Gene-gene relationships for YLR442C

Top 10 functional gene interactors with YLR442C. These relationships were calculated using the Pearson correlation of each gene's scores across drug experiments.

Heterozygous co-fitness interactions

Top 10 interactors with SIR3 by heterozygous co-sensitivity:

Query Interactor Correlation
SIR3 YLR426W 0.54943
SIR3 SDH1 0.54073
SIR3 PAN2 0.51756
SIR3 FMP38 0.51027
SIR3 YKL071W 0.49416
SIR3 HPR5 0.48957
SIR3 RAV2 0.48029
SIR3 FPR2 0.47503
SIR3 SNO1 0.47002
SIR3 PMT1 0.46066

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Enriched GO terms of interactors

  • None
  • None
  • None
Homozygous co-fitness interactions

[No homozygous results.]

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Co-expression, physical interaction, synthetic lethality. Can post if requested by users.

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