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YIL143C / SSL2

Section 1: Phenotypes.
Gene-drug relationships for YIL143C
(Hillenmeyer et al., Science 2008)

The top 10 experiments that caused a fitness defect in the YIL143C deletion mutants. On the left is a table listing the top 10 conditions inducing sensitivity; on the right is a visualization of those conditions. Edges may appear more than once if the condition was tested multiple times.

We generally recommend using a significance cutoff of p-value < 0.01. For the "phenotype for all genes" analysis, we used p-value < 1e-5 to control for multiple hypothesis testing. For details, see
The Chemical Genomic Portrait of Yeast.

Heterozygous knockout:

Top 10 sensitivity-inducing conditions for SSL2 Heterozygous deletion:

Condition1 Conc Unit z_result_nm z_tdist_pval_nm
benomyl 6.9 uM 1.04895 0.17112
5-fluorouracil 38.5 uM 0.624522 0.27984
benomyl 13.8 uM 0.585465 0.29183
fenpropimorph 1.65 nM 0.456169 0.3337
tunicamycin 0.15 uM 0.384829 0.35809
yp glycerol 0 0.329695 0.3775
yp glycerol 0 0.329045 0.37773
benomyl 3.4 uM 0.264876 0.40084
nocodazole 6.9 uM 0.240358 0.4098
fenpropimorph 1.65 nM 0.0866372 0.46566

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Homozygous knockout:

[No Homozygous results.]

Section 2: Co-fitness interactions.
Gene-gene relationships for YIL143C

Top 10 functional gene interactors with YIL143C. These relationships were calculated using the Pearson correlation of each gene's scores across drug experiments.

Heterozygous co-fitness interactions

[No heterozygous results.]
Homozygous co-fitness interactions

[No homozygous results.]

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